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"I attended the BookBonds program with my 7 month old son Vincent to help me learn how to engage him in literacy activities.  Rachel was very knowledgeable, the course information was clear and concise, and she had many good ideas and suggestions. I feel that everything Rachel taught in the BookBonds program was something that she used with her son Seth, and most likely in her teaching practices as a reading specialist. In addition to a great learning experience, it was also a lot of fun as my son Vincent was able to attend the class with me.  I highly recommend this program to anyone that would like to know more about reading and teaching children to enjoy reading."  

-Christi H.

"The most useful thing I learned from the course is that I have an opportunity every second of the day to help Max learn and understand the world around him.   Not that I need to be constantly drilling information into his brain, but that I can use simple activities like a walk or a trip to the grocery store to tell him about colors, shapes, etc.  This is something that I've been doing a lot recently and I can tell that he gets it!"

-Niki F.