Find the book of your dreams!

Mastery Objective: As a result of participating in "THE BOOK BACHELOR(ETTE)" episode, you will be able to find and select books that are a good match for you based on genre, subject and style.

  • Step 1-  Think about yourself as a reader:
    • What subjects are you most interested in?
    • What types of movies/TV shows do you like?
    • What's your favorite genre or type of book?
    • Most importantly, however, KEEP AN OPEN MIND (& heart)!

  • Step 2-  Meet your contestants
    • Tables are set up with groups of different books representing a variety of genres/formats
    • Sit down and take a few minutes to "get to know" each one
    • Just like you shouldn't judge people by their looks, DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!
    • Sort the books on your table into 2 piles:
      • Those you aren't interested at all in and want to "send home"
      • Those you might consider checking out/reading
        • Ask your Media Specialists and teachers if you would like to know more about a book
        • Ask if you would like to "swap" or have new/additional books brought to your "island"

    • Step 3- Give your "ROSE" to the book you select!
      • If you still are not happy with any of your selections, you might have better luck using an "online dating book site" such as NOVELIST

Created by Ms. Gaffney & Ms. Fauver for English classes at Lenape High School.  Last updated 2/5/2014.