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Here's the UNOFFICIAL LIST of LEAGUES and TEAMS in women's professional football. I've culled much of this information from the Internet. Please email me if any information is incomplete, out of date or just plain wrong! Or just drop me a line and let me know the latest news.

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IWFL - Independent Women's Football League
Congratulations to 2008 Champions DALLAS DIAMONDS (Tier I) and MONTREAL BLITZ (Tier II)
Independent Womens Football League
Teams (2009)
Tier 1
Eastern Conference
North Atlantic Mid Atlantic South Atlantic
Boston Militia Baltimore Nighthawks Atlanta Xplosion
Connecticut Crushers DC Divas Dallas Diamonds
New York Nemesis Detroit Demolition Houston Energy
New York Sharks Pittsburgh Passion Miami Fury
Philadelphia Firebirds    
Western Conference
Pacific Northwest Pacific Southwest Midwest
Corvallis Pride California Quake Chicago Force
Portland Shockwave Los Angeles Amazons Kansas City Tribe
Seattle Majestics Oakland Banshees Minnesota Vixen
  Sacramento Sirens Wisconsin Warriors
Tier 2
Cape Fear Thunder Iowa Crush New Mexico Menace
Carolina Phoenix Jersey Justice Orlando Mayhem
Carolina Queens Louisiana Fuel Palm Beach Punishers
Central PA Vipers Louisville Nightmare Shreveport Aftershock
Chattanooga Locomotion Manchester Freedom Southern California Breakers
Clarksville Fox Modesto Maniax Southern Maine Rebels
Erie Illusion Montréal Blitz Tennessee Valley Tigers
Holyoke Hurricanes New England Intensity Tucson Monsoon
Redding Rage Santa Rosa Scorchers Wisconsin Wolves
Championships (7/26/08)

Tier 1
@Dallas Diamonds 35, Chicago Force 29 (OT)

Tier 2
Montreal Blitz 26, @Clarksville Fox 6
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WFA - Women's Football Alliance
League play starts 2009
Womens Football Alliance
National Conference
North Atlantic North East
Binghamton Tiger Cats Baltimore Burn
Connecticut Cyclones Keystone Assault
New Jersey Titans Philadelphia Liberty Belles
Mid Atlantic North Central
Cleveland Fusion Dayton Diamonds
Columbus Comets Ft Wayne Flash
Pittsburgh Force Indiana Speed
Mid Atlantic South Toledo Reign
Cincinnati Sizzle W Michigan Mayhem
Kentucky Karma  
W Virginia Wildkats  
American Conference
South East Midwest
Emerald Coast Barracudas Iowa Thunder
Gulf Coast Riptide Kansas City Storm
Jacksonville Dixie Blues Minnesota Machine
Memphis Belles Missouri Phoenix
New Orleans Blaze St Louis Slam
South West Pacific Southwest
Austin Outlaws California Lynx
East Texas Sabercats Las Vegas Showgirlz
Houston Cyclones Marana She-Devils
Lone Star Mustangs Phoenix Prowlers
Oklahoma City Lightning  
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