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Wreaths and Leash / Key Holders
I have a variety of other things I make as well!  Listed below are the wreaths and leash holders, but I am always adding new items! 
All items are sprayed with Rustoleum Crystal Clear Enamel to protect against dust and moisture. 
Other Breeds & Animals Are Also Available! 
 Just email me for details!
Wreaths / Door Hangers!
These come personalized with your family name and pet's name.  If you would like something differerent, email me.  :)  These are complete with a hanger for the door and are ready to hang, right out of the box!  Approx. 12" in diameter.
$40 + $10 packaging/shipping
Leash / Key Holders! 
Boy, do these come in handy!!  These are made using large brass hooks (not the tiny ones!) and have a hanger for your wall- ready to use!  Approx. 12" in diameter.
$20 + $10 packaging/shipping