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These elevated "feeding stations" are not only cute, but promote better breathing for your pet while eating/drinking.  Think about it... if you got down on all fours and tried to eat your dinner off of a plate that was flat on the floor, would it be comfortable?  Would you be able to breathe correctly or swallow your food without difficulty?  It's not easy for your pet, either.
Raising the bowls up allows your pet to breathe and swallow while eating and drinking.  It also eliminates a lot of the mess around the food and water bowls! 
Each feeder comes with two stainless steel bowls (which are better for your pet than plastic and last longer too!) 
Brass "L" brackets are installed under shelf to help ensure stability and durability!
As with everything I make, these are coated with Rustoleum Crystal Clear Enamel to protect against moisture and dirt.  Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth as needed!
Your pet's name can also be added to the top, between the bowls!!!
Other breeds and animals are available, too!
Small Breed Feeder
approx. 24" x 10" x 10" 
$50 + $15 packaging/shipping
Bulldog Feeder
approx. 24" x 10" x 10" 
$65 + $15 including packaging/shipping
Bully Three- Bowl Feeder
36" x 12" x 12" and come with two 2 qt. and one 3 qt. bowls
$80 + $20 packaging/shipping