Boobius Maximus 


A guide for the large-boobed lady, specializing in smaller band sizes with large cup sizes 

Welcome to Boobius Maximus-- a page for all the ladies (and gents?) who rock  large boobs. The reviews, links, and advice herein are intended to make it easier for you to find and buy large cup-sized bras (DD to K roughly) in standard and small band sizes (28 to 38).  There will, however, also be some resources for band sizes 40 and above. These pages are written from the perspective of someone with natural (i.e. not surgically-enhanced) boobs, so the information on this site will be most helpful to others who also have OEM bewbies.


Disclaimer: Please note that I am not affiliated with any of the shops or manufacturers mentioned on these pages-- except as a customer where noted. As such, I cannot take responsibility for anything those sellers may do. The advice on this site is intended to help you in your quest for larger cup-sized bras, but all people are different and have different ideas about what's helpful and what's not. I am not liable for any problems (however sexy and exciting they may or may not be) that you might run into through the use or misuse of the advice and other content herein!


If all that's fine with you, and you're an adult, or at least old enough to look at your mom's lingerie catalogs without giggling too much, then come on in!