Database of RTHK Cantonese Opera Songs Archives


第五台的「節目重溫」是以日期編排而沒有把「戲曲天地」和「戲曲之夜」節目中所播放的歌曲資料加以整理,所以無從搜索我們喜愛的歌曲。為了方便尋索,我把有關資料下載後編成資料庫,並開設一個 Excel 檔案來整理和搜索該資料庫。使用时要记得启动ExcelMacro


在這里我提供了兩個檔案以供下載,OperaDBblank.xls Excel 檔案,operadb.txt 是資料庫。


下載後,開啟 OperaDBblank.xls 然後點擊「輸入資料庫」再選擇輸入 operadb.txt 既可。


你亦可直接下載一個已加入資料庫的檔案 OperaDB.xls,不過這個檔案比上兩個檔案加起來還要大的多,下載時間會比較長。







(Files updated on 28th October 2018)

The archives of RTHK Cantonese Opera Songs are listed according to the dates of broadcast. You have to visit the individual archive web page to see the details of the songs for the day. To facilitate the searching for your favorite songs, I have organized the archives into a database, and created an Excel spreadsheet to use this database. Remember to enable Macro in Excel to use the commands in the spreadsheet.


There are two files for downloading: OperaDBblank.xls is the spreadsheet containing macros for organizing and searching the database, and operadb.txt is the database in text format.

After downloading both files, open the spreadsheet and click on the macro for loading the database. The database will be loaded into the spreadsheet, and also organized according to singers in the second worksheet. A simple help on how to use the spreadsheet is included.


Alternatively, you can download the OperaDB.xls spreadsheet complete with the database. Note that the size of this spreadsheet is much larger than the above two files combined, and will take longer time to download.



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