An iconic American brand

BonWorth has been in the industry for more than 40 years. Established in 1966 by Loren Wells in Hendersonville, North Carolina, the business enjoyed success throughout the ‘80s and the ‘90s. However, the economic crisis in the U.S. became a trying time for the company. In 2013, Loren Wells sold the business. Under the new management led by Gurusankar Gurumoorthy BonWorth managed to transform its business where it became more significant to its core consumers while retaining all its traditional values. This came about with the new management’s focus on investment in product, technology and management.  The retail chain has more than 115 stores in more than 28 U.S. states.  To keep up with the trends online, the business maintains a presence on the web through its official site and Facebook page.


The company has been recognized by Consumer Reports as the top outlet store in America. Through the years, the retail chain has lived up to its reputation of being America’s favorite mother-daughter brand. Aside from the wonderful apparel it produces, BonWorth creates opportunities for those who want to succeed as they near their retirement age. More than 97% of the employees in the company are women, and the business also hires elderly workers who wish to have supplemental income even after their retirement.