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Consultant & Development for touring; musicians, bands and productions.

The tools we use makes your lights and video dance.

We would like to welcome Beamz the newest member to Bon Vie Tools
Imagine controlling your video and lights with interactive laser control.
Here is a video we did to give you an idea about beamz laser controller. Big Thanks to Mark Pistel.

Milkymist One digital video synthesizer, coming soon
 in/out MIDI, OSC, DMX512, analog sensors, video input


Dave Jones MVIP Video Color Synthesizer
Back in the mid 1970s Dave Jones was building video synthesizers as a
"system" concept, though physically they were not plug in modules like the new system.
0-5V voltage control, Euro rail design.

P 9700 Synthesizer Modules, American Made since 1968


Native Instruments
beta tester

Ableton Live 8, Ableton LA USER GROUP
Member/Presenter, real-time video control concepts- Ableton versions 7-8

MADRIX Interactive LED Light control

Quartz Composer Mac OS X for processing and rendering real-time graphical data.

Quartz Composer is a groundbreaking visual development tool that allows you to harness the power of the graphics
stack in Mac OS X. Quartz Composer brings together a rich set of graphical and non-graphical technologies, including
Quartz 2D, Core Image, Core Video, OpenGL, QuickTime, XML, RSS, MIDI and more.

open source C++ toolkit for creative coding

Green Hippo
High Definition media playback

Pandoras Box HD Media Server

ArKaos A30 Media Server: Running six layers of Fluent HD on up to six outputs.

UMC32+ DIYUSB-MIDI Controller

PianoMic™ Series

Cast Software BlackTrax, Realtime streaming positional data system

CX KiDTRONiKCX KiDTRONiK * KRAK ATTACK * KRAK ATTACK,  Saul Williams, Kanye WestThe Catonator . Bent Circuit Instrument by Burle Avant

MIDI Visual Control is an internationally-used recommended practice that was added
to the MIDI specification so that visual expression could be linked with musical performance.
Video equipment that is compatible with MIDI Visual Control can be connected to electronic
musical instruments via MIDI in order to control video equipment in tandem with a performance.

We understand how to interface musical instruments for LED light and video system control.
Bon Vie Interactive developments interactive based MIDI and DMX-512 systems
for interactive visual music expression.