About Me

So who am I, anyway?

In real life, I go by Bon Tindle and I'm pretty boring by most standards.  I'm am awesome cook, I enjoy classical music (mixed in with a little 80s hairball stuff) and I read just about anything I can get my hands on.  I study for giggles, and I am a crazy cat lady.  I work in the accounting department for a great company, and enjoy wrestling the numbers and tax laws that give me purpose.  I live in Springfield, MO and have been here for most of my life.  I travel a fair amount, but somehow I keep coming back to tornado country.  Go figure.

When I'm not figuring taxes and budgets, I am a writer.  Normally, I prefer fiction but I have really enjoyed writing for two different political blogs.  I am often amused that my fiction writing is done under my real name, and my nonfiction is published under Bon The Geek.  From news, opinion, fiction or blogging, if I have an idea I am not at peace until it's written and out of my head.  I can't describe it better than that, it's a mad itch.

Writing is my main passion, but not my only one.  I am also a violinist, and have found out why musicians drink so much.  I'm in my fifth year now, and I play with a local group and a couple of friends.  We are ready to play some shows this year, and will be doing a nursing home goodwill tour where we do a good deed and give our practices purpose.

I have a little thing for chocolate.  I don't like outdoors, I prefer my climate controlled (on the cool side).  I am married to a really nice guy, a furry gentle giant who makes me smile every day.  I can't watch animal movies because I cry every single time.  I love Lita Ford with the power of a thousand flaming suns, for being fierce and unafraid to be raw and sexy.  I could eat cashew chicken three meals a day (and have done so).  I speak enough Spanish to order chicken and start a bar fight, and I am a Scrabble champion and would like to compete someday.  I have been known to ask people to pull my finger at inappropriate times.

I think that's enough random factoids.  If the above didn't answer your question, feel free to send me an e-mail.