Robert Bonotto, writer

Below are links to my full-length classical music murder mystery, The Baton Rouge, which is looking for a publisher. 

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 The hero of The Baton Rouge is an entire chamber orchestra, located in a small, Providence-like New England city. They invite a world-famous conductor to lead a fund-raising concert ... but murder during the final rehearsal throws the fate of the entire orchestra into the hands of Tom Griffes, third flutist (and a police detective), as well as the once-famous prodigy Beatrice Klarke, now the orchestra's concertmaster. There are 20 chapters in all, and yes, I'm looking for a publisher for TBR. Here's quotes from folks who've read it:

"It's probably the funniest novel ever written about classical music."    --Paul Nelson, ASCAP-award winning composer

"Excellent, with just enough red herrings to keep us guessing whodunnit. It also gives a real feeling of the warmth of creative, collaborative people."      --Polly Hogan & Ron Ritchell, founders of the Boston Lyric Stage

"So where's the sequel?"    --N.A.K., musicologist

"Wow, did I enjoy it! I loved the characters, the voices you gave them; the plot was fabulous --except that I miss these, my new friends, already. And the artwork blew me away."   --Don Ehlich, Violist, San Fransisco Symphony


If you have an interest in the book (I've included 24 illustrations in the

text), shoot me an email!