robert bonotto, classical composer 

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           I am a virtually self-taught composer of classical music, my works encompassing everything from  string quartets to symphonies.


           A moderate number of my works involve the viola. I write to order: recently I wrote a concerto for flute and chamber orchestra for a member of the Flute List that premiered in Louisiana, by someone enthusiastic over my novel, The Baton Rouge. I have recently completed  a concertino for bassoon and string orchestra, and San Francisco recently saw the premiere of my Trio for Violas and Violoncello. 

           My wind quartet Corner Table with Friends will be premiered by the AFMM in Greenwich Village in May. 

          The sound world my music inhabits has been variously compared to Piston, Shostakovich, Faure-- and in the Newark Star-Ledger, Poulenc. My microtonal work "Sibelius & the Cuckoo of Jarvenpaa" was broadcast twice over National Public Radio's "New Sounds" and is now available on CD (hit the 'Pitch CD' phrase above to see for yourself).

          To hear my work on the internet is very easy: please go to  and scroll down to show #426 ("Gadfly"), and click 

"MP3 Part 2." The music varies from the very melodic to the microtonal.

          I would be glad to send you a CD of my work, if you've an interest in playing or premiering my stuff. Some works still awaiting public performances: Quartet for Oboe and Strings; a Concerto for Viola and Piano Trio (in other words, the usual piano quartet with an enlarged, solo part for the viola); and a number of short works for various chamber ensembles as well as small orchestra......  my specialty is in writing for the viola, the 'cello, and the flute.

Among works performed:         

*          "Curtain-Raiser," for Flute & Strings, op.11

          (Garden State Chamber Orchestra)

*          "Sibelius & the Cuckoo of Jarvenpaa", op. 17

          (National Public Radio's New Sounds,

           Columbia University, AFMM, coming out in June of 2007 on PITCH CD's of NY)

*          Oboe Quartet;  and the "Karel Capek Overture"

          (Composers Guild of New Jersey)

*        "Almost-Said," for three flutes

*        Concerto for Flute and Small Orchestra

        (Slidell Orchestra of Louisiana)

*          Two operas (each 10 minutes long) premiered

        at the Boston Theatre Marathon, Lullabye (3 singers: soprano, mezzo, low tenor) and Mal Canto

(soprano, tenor, and actor). For more info, go to .



works you might consider premiering:

*          Concerto for Viola & Piano Trio (a CD of a reading by the CGNJ is available)  

*          "Cherry Orchard Suite" for three violas, op. 36

*          Symphony #1 for chamber orchestra, without

                   violins (as in the Brahms Serenade Nr. 2)

*          Midmornings (very short pieces for

                   various combinations)

*          String Quartet #1

*          Rhapsody for Viola and String Orchestra;

            Rhapsody for Flute and String Orchestra (mostly the same work, but with some melodic as

well as instrumental changes)

*          Quintettino Caribini (wind quartet, piano)

*          "A Road West of Boston," for 2 flutes and string trio

*          French Painters for Flute and Piano

*          Marin Acquarelles ('Cello & Piano)



------In my other jobs (including a full-time one), I've spent little time promoting my music, hence many works have been written, momentarily announced, and then shelved. The Internet makes these works available for you to premiere; and remember, you can link above to hear what my music sounds like.  

                                       Enjoy!                    -RB.