Personal Favorites
This will be a page with a number of personal favorites, under very slow construction. In the meantime, some animation favorites.

Art Stuff

Emile Cohl's Automatic Moving Company (1909)

               Emile Cohl was one of film's first animators. The charming music is, appropriately enough, done by an automatic piano.

It's Jerry Time!

               Fun Emmy-winning animation site by a fellow RISD grad, Orrin Zucker.

Oscar Fischinger's Allegretto

               A pre-Fantasia film that blew my mind when I saw it as a teen on PBS's International Animation Festival. Later on, Fischinger was brought to Hollywood to help Disney. Fischinger's films have now been made available on DVD.

Jan Lenica's Labyrinth (part two)

              Jan Lenica was one of the most important of European animators. This segment may remind you a bit of Terry Gilliam, but Lenica's films always had a interesting, Czech-like sensibility; his best film (although I've never seen his feature Adam Two) seems to be one of his collaborations with the playwright Eugene Ionesco, the short film Rhinocerous, which doesn't seem to be online at the moment.

Music Stuff

New Music Box Chatter

          A marvellous site (powered by the American Music Center) where mostly composers talk about mostly music. What's trippy about it is God knows composers weren't talking to each other like this 20 years ago when I started writing classical. Fun site, with lots of links.

Dennis Bathory-Kitsz, composer

            I don't know if it's the best composer's site (I haven't been to 'em all), but Dennis' essays are the best continuous considerations of what it's like to be an American composer in this day and age.

Soho the Dog (Matthew Guerrieri, Boston Globe critic & composer)

           MG has one of the best (and most chatty) blogs about classical music around.

Kenneth Woods' A View from the Podium

           Some very good essays on music here.

Theatre Stuff (including theatres I've worked at)

Zeitgeist Stage

Theatre Mirror

Nora Theatre

Huntington Theatre Company

Lyric Stage of Boston