Coaching - right here, right now

Hi dear guest!
This web page is created to present what I offer as a coach and whether you should choose coaching with me. 
What results you can expect by investing your time and energy in coaching? 
  • deeper fulfillment and balance 
  • clarity about your priorities, goals and ways of achieving them
  • access to your creativity and energy sources
  • support in introducing positive changes in your life 
  • increased self-awareness and confidence 
  • improved relationships and communication with the others 
What is my unique offer today? As a coach I focus on working with the clients who seek improving their quality of life in many ways, including professional fulfillment; also with those who may need help after a big life stress or trauma. I hold a degree in Psychology and trained in Coaching and combine this with deep body work and meditation and 8 year experience in business environment (please refer to my coaching profile to know more) 
My Coaching profile

5 minute self-survey on coaching readiness 

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