Social Workers in a Nutshell

Social Workers In a Nutshell

Many people ask, "so just what does a social worker do?" and they associate us with child welfare services. While it's true many social workers work in child welfare agencies, there are many more settings you may encounter us. Private practice psychotherapy is one such setting.

In a nutshell, we are folks with a strong desire to help people improve their lives.  We work in schools, hospitals, hospices, home health agencies, outpatient case management, dialysis clinics, jails, outpatient healthcare clinics, mental health agencies, substance abuse treatment agencies, government agencies, disaster recovery agencies, and political lobbying settings to name a few.  Most agencies require a minimum of a Masters in Social Work (MSW) but some employ folks with Bachelor in Social Work Degrees.

Some of us have pursued licensing ("Licensed Clinical Social Worker" LCSW in California) and have the legal ability and training to offer private practice psychotherapy services. 

You can visit our professional organization the National Association of Social Workers main page at for more information. 

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