Coaching: Private Practice Start Up

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Licensed Clinical Social Workers
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors
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Concise Steps with Helpful Tips for Starting a Sole Practitioner Private Psychotherapy Practice
- 90 pages designed to get you started quickly!



Because it is worth far more than the $20.00 price tag!

For less than 1/3 of the Medicare allowable for one session of 90837, your "50-minute hour," you will have in your hands the exact steps with added details to start your practice quickly for less than $1,000. The largest expenses to get started are your Professional Dues and Liability Insurance Policies. 

This guide will pay for itself with your very first paid session as a private practice therapist! Median session rates for 90837, your "50-minute hour," range from $100-$200 across the U.S. Check here for your state:

You get a complimentary phone Q&A hour with the purchase of the Guide.


My success can be your map! Step by Step I’ll show you the way plus offer alternatives that can also work. By the end of Step Fourteen, you will be set up to see your first client. You’ll accomplish this goal quickly, without breaking the bank, and have tons of information at your fingertips to help you start and grow your practice.

You will have more information than I had when I started out!


This is an action-oriented guide. Your success will depend on actually completing the steps.

Get an overview by looking at the table of contents first. It is good to have some idea where you are going. 

Complete each step then review the following step while you still have momentum. 

I do not recommend reading the entire guide in one sitting. You would likely feel overwhelmed by the details.

Feeling overwhelmed might be the reason you are looking for help. Don't add to those feelings by thinking you need to understand all the details before you get there. 

If you get stuck, take advantage of my offer of a complimentary telephone Q&A hour with the purchase of the guide.  This is a No Sales Pitch Q&A hour to help you succeed. If you ask about coaching services, I'll be happy to tell you what I offer.

Here's a glimpse of what's in the guide.

A Quick Guide to Starting Private Practice
Why this Guide? 1
How to Use the Guide 1
First Assignments 1
Your Private Practice Story Has Already Begun 1
Success Factors 2
I Wrote this Guide for You and Me 3
About the Author 3
Disclaimer 4
Introduction 11
What You Will Find in this Guide 12
A Quick Note Regarding LLC and Group Practice 12

Step One – Consider Your Experience & Regional Area / Name Your Practice 14

Step Two – Establish Your Tax Id Number (TIN) – SSN vs EIN 23

Step Three - Establish Your Practice Address 24

Step Four – Phone, Fax, Internet, Email, Scanning 28

Step Five – Get Your Business License 35

Step Six – Order Business Cards & Other Signage 36

Step Seven – Join Your Professional Organization 37

Step Eight – Get Insured 40

Step Nine – Get Your National Provider Identification (NPI) 42

Step Ten – Set Up Your Business Checking Account 44

Step Eleven – Set Your Fees 46

Step Twelve – Decide Who Will Do Your Billing 49

Step Thirteen – Consider Electronic Health Record (EHR) vs Paper Charting 55

Step Fourteen – Create Your Forms & Celebrate! 58

Chapter Fifteen - To Home Visit or Not to Home Visit 61

Step Sixteen – Start Applying to Insurance Panels 65

Step Seventeen – Get the Word Out – You’re Open for Business! 74

Step Eighteen – Establish Your Professional Will 76

Step Nineteen – Telemental Health 77

Step Twenty – Compassion Satisfaction and Compassion Fatigue 81

Expenses to Expect - Subletting 83
Expenses to Expect - Your Own Office 85
Checklist for Success 86
User IDs/Names Passwords 87
Bonnie’s Story 88