About Bonnie McKeegan, LCSW

Therapist                                                              Writer
A little about Bonnie's professional life... She graduated from California State University, Sacramento in 1998 with a MSW (Master's of Social Work) with a focus in Health.  She has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW23344) in the State of California since 2006.  Her life journey has taken her places she never thought possible!

Bonnie's experience has primarily been in hospital and outpatient healthcare, adult mental health, and substance abuse treatment.  In these settings she has dealt with various issues such as domestic violence, medical trauma, end of life decision-making, divorce, grief & loss, death, palliative care & hospice, & disability advocacy. Bonnie seeks to help those who are in need of support and guidance through various life challenges. 

Bonnie's experience gives her a unique perspective which she believes can support your healing journey. She is eclectic by nature & draws upon various therapeutic approaches depending on your personal therapeutic needs. Compassion and empathy are always foundations in therapy. 

It is an honor to "walk beside" and support individuals and families as they face life's biggest challenges.

Bonnie believes in your human ability to grow through the various experiences of life's challenges. Grief & loss are an inevitable part of life, inter-weaved through all of life's challenges and joys. If the saying "time heals all wounds" does not feel quite right for you she understands. Time can allow for a certain amount of a "distance cushion" from the loss, and typically a decrease in the intensity of the emotions, but the pain or "scars" of certain losses may always be there.  While the process of grief has identifiable "stages" which have been studied & written about extensively, the experience is unique for each of us. The stories we tell ourselves about our experiences may help us heal or keep us stuck in pain processes unnecessarily. Bonnie believes that even having experienced the most painful losses your life you can again become joyful, and life perhaps more meaningful.

Certain people can come into our lives, with perfect timing, bringing just what we need for growth at that time. Those relationships may be relatively brief, or last a lifetime; I believe connecting with the right therapist can be one such example. It is not always the first therapist you meet. If you are searching for someone to talk to about your difficulties, please don't give up.    

Ultimately, it is the ability of the human spirit to heal that brings about positive change and growth. Bonnie's goal is to support that process.

Bonnie is exploring Healing Through Writing and other creative activities.  If you'd like to visit her Wordpress Writer's Blog you may click here: Bonnie's Writer Blog (link opens in new window).

Inspired by dreams, life events and experiences, and embellished by her imagination, Bonnie is writing fiction, poetry, and memoir with themes of grief, loss, healing, and growth. 

Healing Through Writing, Gardening, & Creativity
To follow Bonnie's photo and poetry journey through grief & growth, in the garden and nature, you can follow her on Instagram.