The celebrations of the day. 

TUESDAY - 12/5/2006 >> Dinner at Tony's on the Pier with Roy and Meredith (friend from school - partner in crime so to speak). We then shuffled down to Kincaid's for dessert -- best creme brulee around! Relaxing evening and great views from the ocean facing windows. 

THURSDAY - 12/7/2006 >>> SURPRISE PARTY !!! What was supposed to be quiet, birthday dinner with a fellow Sagitarian, turned into a surprise party at the house of the fellow Sagitarian. It was great and I had no idea. There were so many friends who took time out of the holiday planning (and shopping time) to spend a few hours helping me to celebrate my big 40th birthday. It was incredible and I am so thankful for the sneaky people who put it all together. I was whisked around and kept busy that day by "tech emergencies", errands that just HAD to be completed, and travel plans from points around the El Segundo area. Thanks to all who conspired to truly "get me good" on my day. I have never been the recipient of such a lovely conspiracy! Once the holidays cool down, will return to TGIF's at the homestead. 

SATURDAY - 12/09/2006>>> TREE TRIMMING at a friend's house in the Hollywood Riviera neighborhoods. Lots of salutes and salutations; good friends and good food. 

SUNDAY - 12/10/2006 >>>DECEMBER BIRTHDAYS (VOLLEYBALL) @ the PROUD BIRD. Still a but recovering from the night before, an intrepid group of volleyball vets huddled around an inside table watching planes land while eating from an incredible selection of breakfast items. This has become the new place for the December birthday celebration and the location of the infamous group picture -- we outlasted quite a few trees at our last location of choice, Marie Callenders in Restaurant Row. The new location is easy access for everyone from all areas and the food is superb, although it pales in comparison to the company of friends. 

Smaller celebrations continued including the long-awaited dinner at BABOUCH in San Pedro attended by Mom, Roy, Meredith, Larry, and my aunt Evelyn. The meal was 12 years in the making as it was the designated location for graduation from my first attempt at a masters' degree. We ate, watched dancers and had a grand time. Thanks to everyone who helped usher me into the 40+ club with love, friendship, and care.