My 40th Birthday 

Time with Friends and Family 

So, the "big day" is approaching. As many know, I sometimes come into this period of time with mixed emotions. This year it seems to be moving along pretty well. Had hoped to get away for my birthday, but that will come. I am used to years of celebrating at off times due to finals and school commitments, so the dates are not really all that important to me. 

I have incredible friends who support me in every little weird thing that I do...want to scale Mt. Everest? They would be there for me in spirit at the drop of a hat! My family is also amazing. We are a small but mighty bunch! Although we don't get to spend as much time together as we'd like due to schedules, miles, and work (grrr), we keep in touch and share the events of the day when we get a chance to breath. 

I've finally finished a master's degree (and have the paper to prove it) and am relaxing until 2007 before starting on any large projects. I am working on making my house a home over the holidays and attending to many years of walls needing paint. Excited about clearing things out and starting 2007 with a fresh space and enough room to entertain. 

I will be spending my actual birthday trimming trees and hopefully going to a nice dinner with Roy. Sunday will be the December Volleyball Bunch Brunch at the Proud Bird. Only one of us still plays, but we are still united through our love of the game. 

Thanks for being there for the ride!