Our Veterans

We open heartedly WELCOME OUR VETERANS!

Our veterans have exclusive first priority in receiving transitional house here at Bonner Brothers.  If you are a Veteran please don't hesitate to give us a call and allow us to help you transition back into our overwhelming society.  We will adjust to accommodate any and all of our veterans.
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Bonner Brothers Transitional Housing are public facilities that houses adults in need of transitional assistance.

Situated near the center of the city with which Maintains to link integration with the territory,  can accommodate up-to-6-whom-adults-are-divided into one floor, 3 rooms with 2 persons per room.

The homes are of modern construction, is designed to offer up to a year resident of comfortable and family friendly atmosphere, where freedom and personal privacy are respected.  


Our Home




Bonner Brothers Transitional Housing
 About the Program
Do you qualify?

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Do you have:•A strong desire to remain sober and fully immerse in the recovery process?

•Willingness to attend and actively participate in on or more 12-step programs?

•Aspire to begin or continue your education?

•Be willing to be a part of the community and participate in community activities in a positive manner?  

•Add some knowledge with on-site basic computer classes?

•Have the ability to privately finance a residency up to one year?      

Requirements for Admission

•At least 30 days of sobriety at the time of admission to the program.

•The desire to enroll, continue or complete a higher education.

•Completion of an inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment program is highly encouraged.

•A strong desire to remain sober.

•Willingness to become part of our community and follow community guidelines.

Benefits of Residency

•Weekly coaching and/or mentoring with a staff member.

•12-step recovery support and integration into the recovery community.

•Full support in the application, enrollment of computer classes.

•Live-in house manager and no more than 2 residents per bedroom.

•Weekly programs and lectures on various academic and life-skill topics.

•Weekly community activities that enhance greater function in sobriety and life experiences.

•Monthly community service projects.

•Assistance in finding additional support systems such as doctors, therapists, dentists, etc.

•Transitional planning as the graduate prepares to transition from our program to independent living.

•All household expenses are included in the monthly fee with the exception of food and school 

expenses and personal care.

•Morning exercise workouts to enhance body function.

Expectations of Residents

•Remain alcohol and drug free.

•Enroll in classes at the first open-enrollment date, maximum of two courses the first term.

•Work part time and be involved in community service.

•Attend a minimum of four 12-Step meetings per week and have a local sponsor within two weeks of 


•Actively work 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

•Willingly submit to random drug screens and breathalyzer tests.

•Follow the rules of the program.

•Be willing to assist with chores around the house and in the community.

•Attend weekly house meetings, daily check-in, weekly program and weekend activities.

•Perform community-service projects with other house members.

Reason for Immediate termination of Residency

•If you use alcohol or other drugs of any kind (except for prescription and approved over-the-counter 


•If you engage in criminal activity or bring weapons into the house.

•If you physically or verbally threaten another resident or house staff.

•If you engage in sexual activity with another member of the Bonner House community.