"Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.  As you may be aware, the  Boniface Trail Association is committed to establishing the project of delivering an all purpose cycle and footpath between Crediton and Exeter and we are working hard to achieve that goal.  To help the group with this work, your views are very important and useful to us.  The boxes to be ticked are not intended to be completely exclusive, if you have any personal comments please feel free to let us know in the space at the end of the document.  Everyone’s views will be considered and taken into account in this group’s work.  Those that are interested in both walking and cycling along the intended path can fill out details for both sections.  Please complete each section as appropriate. 
Please note that one of the group’s key aims is to ensure that the path will also be fully mobility and family friendly and there are sections for both wheelchair users and families with young children.  
All details are optional and will remain strictly confidential"
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