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This is a newly formed temporary site  for the  Boniface Trail Association who are dedicated to establishing an all purpose cycle and footpath between Crediton and Exeter in Devon.  The group is fully committed to establishing a trail that, as well as being used for both cyclists and and walkers, will also be fully mobility scooter, wheelchair and family friendly.

We asked for your help!.  We composed a simple on - line and paper questionnaire and asked as many interested people as possible to to provide us with some demographic information as well as their thoughts  and preferences on how they would like this project to develop. nearly a 1,000 forms were completed(!), and the information will be summarised in graphical form shortly .  It will greatly assist us in shaping and designing the trail to be as attractive to as many people as possible. 

A Public Consultation was held on 16th July 2016! Click on the tab on the left for more information regarding the great support and feedback received by the public and local government at this meeting   
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