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The purpose of this site is to provide a quality reference for French language spoken in professional services.

  A survey from broadcasts containing dubbers, narrators or professional presenters highlighted that many of them do not use a traditional version of the French language, gained as a mother tongue, but more or less  degraded versions at the phonological and prosodic level !

    Indeed, they are professionally employed as native speakers of French and listening to them you could believe it ! But our in-depth analysis of their phonetical and phonological habits shows the loss of some oppositions an other deep modifications of the language.

    But then if they dont speak traditional (or standard) French what language are they speaking ? As explained in our page: "Origin, ..." (in french) we must not confuse the Francophonie, with the French language itself.

    During its expansion, which  still continue in some regions (e.g. the Pacific, by displacing local languages) French has included more and more people. However assimilation faced by speakers at the beginning of its history and those currently in this process do not actually follow the same process and this does not produce the same outcome ."Meridional" French is a good example of  formation of a spoken French with a parallel history to that of standard French, but with a result that is NOT standard french !

    The various dialects obtained always have a simplified phonology and some others linguistic parameters of prosody are also affected. In the absence of an existing classification, we chose to call all these forms of French "simplified french" because they have in common this simplified phonology.

     How is it possible that these professionals speaking "simplified French" operate freely in the media industry ? 


This is made possible by a vicious circle: the ambiguities (especially the presence of archiphonems) in the phonological and prosodic system of the standard french is precisely the point where these non-traditional speakers make simplifications but also the reason why these approximations are not noticed.

 In the french teaching system, no exam exists to endorse a minimum level of diction, everything is through writing. Professionals hiring performances in french are therefore lacking  any quality criterion, apart from artistic aspects.