• Players must be age 50 and over.  Players must reach 50th birthday during the playing season to be eligible for that season.
  • Players can be added through the first week in March.
  • Fall non-competitive season.  NO REPORTED SCORES.  JUST HAVE FUN.
  • Competitive season January through March.
  • Courts:  soft surface courts, minimum of 3
  • Registration fee $5 per person.






·         Best 2 of 3 sets, with 3rd set replaced by “Super 10-point Tiebreak” (Coman Tiebreak).   A set reaching 6-6 is decided by the standard 7-point Coman tiebreak.


·         Play on 3 courts, with an optional 4th court if both teams agree.  Play on 4th court must be determined at the time of the call to confirm the match.  Results of 4th court do not count in League standings. 


·         Pairs must be assigned to courts in order of skill level.  (Best pair on Court 1, etc.)









Division I
Tuesdays at 2:00 PM unless
otherwise agreed upon.

Division II
3.0 and under
(not to include "novices")
unless otherwise agreed upon.

Determination of Standings and Winner