Updated thur Sep 3rd 2009


Thur September 3rd (2009): Added two of the songs from the demo that hopefully, if I'll ever get around to it, finish this year. Download them and listen to them. If you like them please spread the word around. 

 Fri August 28th (2009): I'm a bit embarrassed I haven't updated my site for over a year or is it two? Who knows? Well anyhoooo. I've updated the site, added some photos and some songs. Feel free to check them out.

Sun August 12th: Recorded and mixed a new track this week. It's called "Iscariot" and it's supposed to be on a demo/promo that i hope to have finished by the end of September. The mix, however, was horrible so I have to mix it again.

Tue July 3rd: A couple of images of Redrum Recordings added.

Sun June 10th: Had a crappy week followed by a crappy weekend. On the upside that made me so frustrated that I wrote some lyrics, wrote and recorded a new Melás song. Go check it out at the Melas myspace page

Tue May 15th: As ususal I suck. I've recorded everything except some vocals and some sologuitar. But I plan to have a four song demo finished by the end of July.Wed April 4th: Finished our Melás myspace page. Added it on the links page.

Sun April 1st: I've started recording three new tracks. They are almost finished. Only the vocals left. So I hope I'll have them ready in a week or two.


 Thur September 3rd 2009: Uploaded two new songs.

Fri August 28th 2009: Updated info, edited texts and added more photos and new songs.

Tue July 3rd 2007: More images uploaded.

Sun April 1st 2007: New links added

Tue March 20th 2007: Guestbook added.

Sun March 18th 2007: Mp3's added

Sat March 17th 2007: Page up!