Below is the background behind the name "BONE CACHE".

      "Many kinds of birds collect and store food for later use.  However, scientists recently reported that the female red cockade woodpecker collects, stores, and appropriately uses a dietary mineral supplement as well. As is true for most birds, the female red cockaded woodpecker needs additional dietary calcium at egg laying time. Scientists tracking the female woodpeckers noticed that within a couple days of egg laying time, the woodpeckers began gathering and hiding bone fragments found on the forest floor."

"Upon spying a bone fragment, the female would usually consume a few flakes of it on the spot and then carry the rest off to her "pantry" for later use. As she laid her eggs, she would frequently return to her pantry and eat more flakes from the bone. Once egg laying was completed, the female woodpeckers showed little interest in the bone pieces. Scientists noted that this was the first time a bird had been known to collect and store dietary mineral supplements. They all pointed out that by collecting the bone from the forest floor and storing it in trees near the nest, the female woodpeckers were avoiding the risk of attack by floor dwelling predators. A healthy life requires planning and maintaining health balances."  


"Red‑cockaded Woodpeckers Stash Bone." Science News, August 31, 1991. P. 143

    God has created animals with their own wisdom.  When dogs are sick they eat grass.  Woodpeckers need bone stashes before their egg-laying season, Christians need an assortment of verses for their seasonal needs and to maintain their spiritual health.  I love reading the Bible.  As I read the Bible, I make mental notes of verses.  When I have collected enough verses, I type them out and post, or print them into what I call "bone stashes".

So my woodpecker Christian friend you have a stash or a "BONE CACHE" from which you can supplement Pastor’s sermons and your daily devotions.  These are the spiritual vitamin and mineral supplements for growing Christians.  Some of the stashes come from books, other come from the Old Testament, others from the New Testament.  Some of these are outlines on different topics with a list of references.  Others are topical stashes like the Nave Topical Bible with a phrase or a sentence that I have coined, commented but chock full verses of life for you.   

Vern ky,
Jul 6, 2014, 5:05 PM