Dog of the Month

We had an 8 month old sheepadoodle puppy who prior to working with Gina had uncontrolled energy and was always jumping at you or anybody who walked in the room. She would bite your clothes as you walked and she had little to no impulse control. In addition, she wasn't a good listener and was too rough with smaller children. But despite all of these qualities she was a very loving dog who just wants to love and be loved.
Since working with Gina the changes in Lucy are night and day.
Lucy is now much more disciplined and will stay in "place" for long periods of time. She is much more gentle and follows commands well . Prior to training with Gina we also weren't able to take her for a walk - she would take us for a walk. Now we can walk Lucy on the gentle leader leash that Gina introduced us too and Lucy is a wonderful walker. She can run out in our backyard and get all her energy out playing. She is so calm and controlled.
Lucy is a wonderful family member and the most loving dog we have ever had. Lucy attained her AKC STAR puppy designation. We are so grateful to Gina for helping her adapt to our family. We can't thank you enough Gina. We love our Lucy!