Dog of the Month

Ditty was born in Tennessee and was a rescue dog. I walked into the Dog Pound and Ditty was in the office. Ditty was 3 months old. The staff told me that this was his last day and he would be put down tomorrow. I, of course, adopted him so that did not happen. I got Bo as well this day, so Ditty would have a friend. They are not from the same litter, but as far as they are concerned they are brothers. Ditty had some very challenging behaviors as a puppy, but has he has gotten older (8 years old now) he has become the best dog. He loves “Doggy School” with Gina. He loves to learn new things and gets very upset when I bring my new puppy to “dog school” and he is not going. Ditty is a mixed breed, they believe he is a Sheppard mix. He initially had some anxiety and dog school has given him a great amount of confidence and his anxiety has improved greatly. He is very smart and wants to learn everything, be a part of everything and will work just to learn things, but the hot dogs are good too. Ditty has attained his CGC and Community CGC titles.