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Bonduel Broncos Historical Pictures

Quotes provided by people associated with Bonduel Broncos Baseball in its 50th anniversary booklet.  (Celebrated in 2007)

"In Bonduel, it is a way of life." - John Crubaugh

"Fun was had by one and all." - Butch Berkhahn

"Besides having a few too many every Sunday, I don't remember." - Roger Boettcher

"All of the Grand Championship games are memorable, especially when we took a bus to Greenville. Jerry
enjoyed the mudslides in Marion, and railroads with Daly in Clintonville." - Jerry & Peggy Bucholz

"Having the opportunity to meet and play ball with the guys that I may not have known otherwise. It was a lot of fun and I enjoy watching the games now" - Dale Druckrey

"Most of my memories were erased by post-game activities. Believe it or not - I still have and use my Bonduel Broncos can cooler." - Brian Kummet

"Forgot 'em all after Bob Rueckert ran me over in Hofa Park." - Dennis Pederson

"My years with the Broncos were all memorable." - Pat Zingler
Dairyland League Grand Champions  Season Record 26-6
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