BonBon's Guide Service is located in the Northwest Angle and Islands of Lake of the Woods, alsonown as the "chimney" of Minnesota.  The Northwest Angle is located on the border of Minnesota and Canada, allowing you to choose to fish either Ontario or Minnesota waters of Lake of the Woods.  BonBon's Guide Service provides year-round fishing for Walleye, Muskie, Northern, Bass, and the occasional Crappie and Lake Trout
Summer Fishing
Summer fishing on Lake of the Woods is some of the best fishing you will experience.  Walleye are active in the summer months, and you may even catch a Jumbo Perch or Crappie.  BonBon's Guide Service also provides a great Muskie, Northern or Bass Fishing Experience for clients that prefer casting. 
Ice Fishing
BonBon's Guide Service provides guided ice fishing trips from December through March (depending on ice fishing conditions).  You can expect to catch Walleye, Sauger. Crappie and Northern in the winter months, however you may reel in an Eel Pout (Burbot) as an addeded bonus. Contact Scott (Bon Bon) for more information and pricing. 
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