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Pet Portraits

Bon Art Designs TM

  Price       Shipping Handling Tax
11"x14"    Pet Portrait    $120$5.95
Custom Framing Labor  
 $75 plus supplies
 $17.95 $5.008%
Adult Tee 
 $50 $5.95 $1.008%

Dogs, Cats, Horses, Reptiles and Amphibians.  I love all kinds of pets!

Call Artist to Discuss      Lisa Lambert at (518) 391-8339 or follow steps below

Step 1:  Send a photo of your pet to Bon Art Designs artist, Lisa Lambert, at bonartdesigns@gmail.com

Step 2:  Specify in the email which you would like: 
    Pet Portrait  - on table linen cotton 11 x 14  unframed or framed
                       - on T-shirt  (size/color)
                       - on Sweatshirt  (size/color/hood or no hood/zip or no zip)
    Name of pet on cloth  If yes, include or if no, specify no name

Step 3:  Send complete name/your address/shipping address/phone number for discussion and agreement of design prior to commissioning.

Step 4:  Specify date needed.

Step 5:  Payment via Pay Pal or cleared personal check 2 weeks prior to date needed.

See photo insert of Barkley the Shar Pei  - Your pet portrait will be a painted image of your pet and will be realistic and look like your pet!  I can capture their playful or cuddly mood.  It will not be as true as a photo though as I paint on cloth and blend, so if you would like a digital decal of a photo, this should be done through a photo tee company, but your pet will look more cuddly and fuzzy painted on and it is a one-of-a-kind!  My work is 100% guaranteed and I can touch up or adjust a muzzle or a paw as needed! 

Loving your pet!