EI Research Trip S'14

Research Overview

The main objective of the spring 2014 research trip to Bonaire is to conduct the first every sustainability assessment of Bonaire.  To achieve this end, our research team will adapt and implement the Circles of Sustainability research protocol developed by the Global Cities Institute for the UN Global Compact Cities Programme.  Click here for a more comprehensive description of the study. 

Research Methodology

To complete the study, our research team will administer a comprehensive sustainability survey to local issue area experts in Bonaire. The survey covers four primary aspects of sustainability (political, economic, ecological, and cultural). Our overall research group is divided into four specialized research teams, each taking leadership for completing one aspect of the study (political team, economic team, ecology team, and cultural team). The four research teams will be guided by individual research team leaders who are responsible for organizing and directing their team’s interviews, site visits, and data analysis (Ecology Team Leader Jarred Jones; Culture Team Leader Betsy Emmons; Economic Team Lead Jessica Zupancic; and Political Team Leader Alex Indelicato)). Each team will identify and interview three local residents who are experts in their is sue area. Moreover, research teams will conduct site visits to areas of interest to their research team and take pictures, collect supporting information, and conduct informal interviews.  As a group, we will conduct a total of twelve interviews (three from each research team) and multiple site visits. Each subject (local issue area interviewee) will complete the entire survey, not just the material relevant to their area of expertise). The information from the elite interviews and site visits will be aggregated into a comprehensive sustainability figure and supported by documentation from the site visits.  The program’s overall Director of Research (Katie McCrea) is primary responsibility for the collective research product.  

Research Outcomes:

During Planning 
  1. Research teams work together to identify issue area specialists.
  2. Research teams work together to identify site visit locations. 
  3. Research teams contact issue area specialists to arrange interview times. 
While in Bonaire
  1. Research teams conducts three elite interviews with issue area specialist.
  2. Research teams conduct site visits. 
  3. Complete community service. 
Upon Return to Gettysburg
  1. Research teams aggregate research findings. 
  2. Research teams present findings at EI research symposium.

Research Team Structure:

Director of Research

Athena L. Mandros (confirmed)


Ecology Team

Autumn C. Arthur*   (confirmed)

Jarred A. Jones

Athena L. Mandros


Culture Team

Betsy K. Emmons * (confirmed)

Daly Simpson

Jessie M. Pierce


Economy  Team

Jess L. Zupancic *      (confirmed) 

Katie McCrea

Kelly M. Gross


Politics Team

Chris J. Traynor *      (confirmed)

Alex J. Indelicato 

Grant Genzman


* Indicates team leader