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Alma Map 1

Alma 1:65  Therefore the people of the Nephites were aware of the intent of the Amlicites, and therefore they did prepare to meet them;
Alma 1:70  And it came to pass that the Amlicites came upon the hill of Amnihu, which was east of the river Sidon, which ran by the land of Zarahemla, and there they began to make war with the Nephites.
Alma 1:73  Nevertheless the Lord did strengthen the hand of the Nephites, that they slew the Amlicites with a great slaughter, that they began to flee before them.
Alma 1:74  And it came to pass that the Nephites did pursue the Amlicites all that day, and did slay them with much slaughter, insomuch that there was slain of the Amlicites twelve thousand five hundred thirty and two souls;
Alma 1:75  And there was slain of the Nephites, six thousand five hundred sixty and two souls.
Alma 1:76  And it came to pass that when Alma could pursue the Amlicites no longer, he caused that his people should pitch their tents, in the valley of Gideon, the valley being called after that Gideon who was slain by the hand of Nehor with the sword; and in this valley the Nephites did pitch their tents for the night.
Alma 1:77  And Alma sent spies to follow the remnant of the Amlicites, that he might know of their plans and their plots, whereby he might guard himself against them, that he might preserve his people from being destroyed.
Alma 1:78  Now those whom he had sent out to watch the camp of the Amlicites, were called Zeram, and Amnor, and Manti, and Limher; these were they who went out with their men to watch the camp of the Amlicites.
Alma 1:79  And it came to pass that on the morrow they returned into the camp of the Nephites, in great haste, being greatly astonished, and struck with much fear, saying,
Alma 1:80  Behold, we followed the camp of the Amlicites, and to our great astonishment, in the land of Minon, above the land of Zarahemla, in the course of the land of Nephi, we saw a numerous host of the Lamanites;
Alma 1:81  And behold, the Amlicites have joined them, and they are upon our brethren in that land; and they are fleeing before them with their flocks, and their wives, and their children, towards our city.
World Location:
The Amlicite and Lamanite armies occupied the land south of the South Wilderness, which is consistent with the direction shown on this map.  Both the Usumacinta river (that flows past the Hill Manti) and the Rio Pasion (which flows in the valley of Gideon) were common "highways" for the Maya so either river is consistent with the directions that these armies came from.  The hill Amnihu is one of the proofs for this world location.  All of the travels from these verses appear to be consistent with the terrain and travels described.
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