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This site on the Book of Mormon geography is very different than other sites.   Rather than presenting just an internal model or world location map (an external model), it presents both.  These maps include 75 places in the old world (before crossing the great waters) and 173 places in the New World (after crossing the great waters) - every place mentioned in the Book of Mormon and more places than any other published model or map.  This site is also unique in that it  includes maps of the people's travels.  The combination of internal model, world location, and travel maps provides a more complete picture of the geography. 

Adding to the material here are numerous proofs that confirm the world location and identifies places in the Book of Mormon that exist in only one area of the world.  These proofs could not have been known in the early 1800's and also prove that the places described in the Book of Mormon could only have come from first-hand accounts of the people living in these areas.  There is no way that Joseph Smith could have known about the accurate geography that he translated.

Several other discoveries were identified from the Book of Mormon.  These help in understanding not only the Book of Mormon, but also the Bible.

The primary purpose of this site is to be a study guide for the Book of Mormon.  There is a lot of material on this site.  I have added a section to answer common questions that have been asked about this material.



Early Painting of Lake Texcoco, Mexico
Largest Lake in Mexico in Book of Mormon Times
(Viewed from the South)
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