BOMBIS RECORDS 001 - Dave Brennan pres. 

The Floaty Mixes 


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First up from a new label comes a track from one of the head honchos MR. Dave Brennan 

Bombastic Mix


There’s nothing like getting into the groove and that’s what exactly occurs here. The slightly tougher side of the 2 tracks available, here is what you would just expect from Dave Brennan.

Deep Bass stabs chugging along and then a series of fluctuating colourful sounds as harmony enter the track to distinguish that transparency effect adding 'colour'

to the mix.

Strong powerful and all polished off nicely with elements of harmony this track delivers an unexpected feel but keeps the driving 'tough ended' groove rolling along nicely. Well balanced and can make anyone move there feet, feeling the elements and the flow.

Sub Mix


This is more of a smoother more sensitive mix. Sensitive because here, Dave has added a colour palette of mellow sounds giving this a much broader soundscape. 

The harmony in this track (similar to the other) transpires over a slightly different groove giving it sound more tranquil feeling.

Overall this is just what you expect from Mr Bombis man Dave Brennan.

2 mixes which show the versatility of a producer who still is in tip top shape and can still create mood swings and cheer up anyone on the floor with his unique productions.

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