Report from the New 34th

America Strikes Back!

Captain Ed Sumangil

Weapons System Officer
34th Bomb Squadron

Greetings from Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory.

Although the 34th is the lead squadron, the 37th Squadron is also here operating along side of us bringing together memories of past exploits by these two squadrons. I'll tell you why. If I remember my history correctly, The Doolittle Raid was the first time that the US was able to strike at the Japanese during World War two. Well, we were also one of the first to strike at Afghanistan.

Believe it or not, we first lived in tents but then moved to ships before we started our first strikes. It's not exactly an aircraft carrier like the Doolittle Raiders took off from but it sure does bring to mind some similarities between the two.

The pace and intensity of our ongoing combat operations which began in early October, is rigorous, with long missions and short rest periods. Sorties, or individual missions, are running 10 to 14 hours.

A lot of praise goes to the ground support crews, who have kept up with the hectic pace.

Please rest assured that we are doing what we can to make certain that we carry on the past traditions of the 34th Bomb Squadron.