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K-9 Revisited in 2005. Photo courtesy of Ted Jamison

The Runway ran down the center of the open space on the right side of the picture.

The Railroad track through Suyon is on the left of the picture. 

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Just Added: Pictures of the 452nd Bomb Wing B-26's in action to the K-9 Pictures Section

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The purpose of this page is to commemorate those often unheralded but intrepid young men who fought the B-26 Marauder(medium bomber) in WWII and the B-26 Invader (light bomber) during the Korean War

17th Bomb Group (M) WWII

The 17th Bomb Group is the only combat organization to fight all three of the Asis powers (Japan,Italy, and Germany) on three continents (Asia, Africa, and Europe). The 17th also supplied the crews who flew the the heroic Doolittle Raid against Japan in April 1942

452nd Bomb Wing (L)

The 452nd Bomb Wing is the only reserve combat organization to be called to active duty as a unit during the Korean War. It flew its first combat mission 77 days after being called to active duty

17th Bomb Wing (L)

The 17th Bomb Wing (L) was activated to replace the 452nd when its term of service was up in May 1952. It flew one of the last if not the last missions of the Korean War.

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Picture of the Last Mission Board of the 17th Bomb Group. Korean War

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B-1B Reunion Picture Click Here


The history of the 452nd BW and the 17th BW in Korea are so intertwined as to be inseparable.

WWII Stories

Korean War Stories

Post War Stories

17th Bomb Wing Hurlburt Stories(Updated 02/01/02)

17th After The War

K-9 After the War

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A Korean Picture Album (added 2/7/02) 


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17th Bomb Group (M)


17th BG WWII (Revised)

WWII Pictures Volume One

WWII Pictures Volume Two

452nd Bomb Wing (L)


452nd BW KOREA (Revised)

K-9 Pictures

17th Bomb Wing (L)


17th BW KOREA (Revised)

K-9 Pictures


The history of the 452nd BW and the 17th BW in Korea are so intertwined as to be inseparable.


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The 37th Bomb Squadron Revisited in 2002 (11/11/02)

The B-1B in Action

Report from the New 34th ( 12/27/01)

NOTE:The 34th Bomb Squadron is now assigned to the 28th Bomb Wing with the 37th at Ellsworth AFB SD.

The 37th Bomb Squadron in Action Over Iraq

Korean War Veterans Commemorative Lapel Pin

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Familiar Territory - Route Maps


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