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The Kindness Quotient (KQ) 2013

Wag-in or Register several acts of kindness at the same time,
or come back over and over during this season, each time wagging-in a new act of kindness.
If you repeat the same act multiple times, you can wag-it-in multiple times.
The idea is to do as much kindness as possible, during this season.
Do send your friends here as well, getting them to register their acts.
Let's drive it as high as possible.

With each act, we will update the Kindness Quotient of the group.
Come back frequently to check out where we have reached.
Our achievement this year will be our target next year.

Total Kindness Quotient last year:35,127Kq (see details here)
Our target this year:40,000Kq

This site maintenance is not a full time job.
So updating the total might take a day or so. Do come back in a day and check the updated KQ.