Hop on the Kindness Wag-on by doing a simple Act of Kindness. 
Any act that contributes towards the cause of canine welfare will be valuable.
So here's a guideline to propel you to do more toward this cause:

1. Find permanent, loving homes for the homeless dogs
2. Find foster homes for homeless dogs
3. Spay/Neuter & Vaccinate of the homeless dogs
4. Spay/Neuter of pets to reduce un-licensed breeding and as a result encourage adoption of strays
5. Report any acts of cruelty toward animals - pet or stray
(hitting, chaining in the sun or rain on a short leash, starvation, negligence, and so on...
6. Support organizations that help with the above in cash, kind, or labor
7. Spread awareness on the above

Remember, this is not a contest, it isn’t an individual program, it's a social activity to usher in change, so please contribute unselfishly.

If you have other ideas and approaches, go ahead and  act on them. Contact us with the details and we promise to add valid, unique contributions to this growing list.

 Act of Kindness
Adopt a Dog
 Foster a Dog
Convince a friend to adopt instead of buy a pet
 Sponsor a dog at a Shelter, as long as it is in the shelter
 Volunteer at a shelter
Lend your car & driver or drive your car to help an NGO/shelter transport dogs
 Get a dog neutered/spayed
Convince a friend to neuter/spay their pet
 Donate old clothes, furniture, newspaper, money etc
 Spread the message of spaying/neutering, instead of culling strays
 Spread the message of neutering/spaying pets & adopting pets

Please "Wag-In" your good deeds here and share with your friends. Lets boost the KQ as a community!

Contact us for recommendations on shelters, more volunteering ideas, contacts for finding a dog to foster, contact information of NGO that will spay or neuter a dog,
list of things you can donate or any other query.
Leave your query as a comment on this page, with your email address / phone number & we will get in touch with you.

Think up of other acts you can do and go ahead and do them.
Send the details in and we can grow this list.
More kindness is better.

sindhoor pangal,
Nov 19, 2012, 3:02 AM