Wag It Forward
an annual initiative by
Bombat Dawgz

Wag It Forward

you always wanted to improve the lives of your furry friends,
but not known how to do it or gotten around to doing it? Then Wag It Forward and help a furry bundle of joy.

Go ahead and set yourself a Kindness Goal each year and track it with us.
The program is intended to run annually from Diwali to New Years, to enhance the festive season with  happiness and satisfaction that comes with acts of kindness.
Kindness Wag-On

Get on the Kindness Wag-on, our ride together increasing acts of kindness toward our furry friends during this season. For inspiration on what you can do check out our list of kind acts here. Wag-in to the Kindness Quotient (KQ) registry.

The more you do, the more you motivate your friends and family to Wag-in, the higher your contribution to the KQ.

Kindness Quotient (Kq)

KQ is a mirror to the collective kindness of this group toward our canine friends during this season.

You can register one act at a time, many at the same time, or many over time as you Wag it Forward. If you repeat the same act several times, Wag-in as many times. There's endless potential to be as kind as you can be  over the season.

 Wag-in here and watch the KQ of the group here