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A carnival like no other

posted Jan 17, 2013, 10:28 PM by sindhoor pangal   [ updated Jan 17, 2013, 10:28 PM ]

It was a baking frenzy for the two days leading up to the Carnival that was going to be held at Jaaga I would definitely be taking the Chicken Liver Cookies, a favourite even among the fussiest of my customers, and the soft Honey Oatmeal Cookies, made specially for my toothless, aging customers that hold such a special place in my heart. The Carnival would also be the perfect place to introduce my special new recipe – Sweet Potato Bites. Keeping in mind that it was going to be an all day fare and that there would definitely be a few hungry customers around lunchtime and a few parents too tired to prepare dinner afterwards, I carried along my Mini Meatloaves as well.

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Bombat Dawgz Donation Bins

posted Jan 16, 2013, 9:42 AM by sindhoor pangal   [ updated Jan 16, 2013, 9:42 AM ]

The Bombat Dawgz Donation Bins have been set up. Donations can include newspapers, bedsheets, carpets, towels, old utensils, used dog products like collars, bowls, dog shampoos & brushes. Thanks to Rajiv from Urban Ladder for donating the crates and Hamsa from Esthete for resizing them. Where will be if not for friends…

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Change a life, one wag-in at a time!

posted Jan 16, 2013, 9:09 AM by sindhoor pangal   [ updated Jan 16, 2013, 9:09 AM ]

She was just a baby. Having entered this world barely a few weeks ago, she was already alone, hungry and scared. Her big, black eyes were like a bottomless pool of pain and fear, with occasional ripples of hope and longing spreading across them. All she wished for was for a meal, a warm bed and a big heart to share. Suddenly she heard footsteps approaching. Apprehensive, she hid, but the voice that called out to her was soothing, the food that was held out to her was tempting and the arms that enveloped her were oh so comforting.  Is this what love felt like?

This is the story of Rackles, a 45-day-old Indian Breed puppy who was rescued from the unforgiving streets of Bangalore. Having gone through a series of foster homes, she is now the darling of a wonderful family who absolutely love her. Rackles was lucky. So were Pickles, Zulu, Betsy, Johnny and Biscuit – saved from a terrible life by ordinary people like you and me, with a will to help. Unfortunately, not every puppy or dog on the street gets to lead a life with such a happy ending.

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