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Lehigh Gap to Port Clinton on the Appalachain Trail

here are the Coordinates of the parking lots. (copy and paste them into Google Maps for directions) I have attached pictures below of what it looks like in the parking lots.

lehigh gap parking lot: 40.78133,-75.60873
port clinton parking lot: 40.5797,-76.02698

Lehigh Gap Parking

the dotted marker is on the parking lot- Lehigh River South Bank

Lehigh Gap Parking

IMAGE 2 is a picture of us standing in the parking lot. you can see the 873 bridge behind us

Lehigh Gap Parking

IMAGE 3 is a picture from the same parking lot facing the other direction.

Port Clinton Parking

The parking spot is just over the rail road tracks on gravel. (its where the dotted marker is)

Port Clinton Parking

This picture is taken from Port Clinton parking lot. you would park on the gravel to the right.

Eckville Shelter

The shelter is the shed behind the house. both are property of the ATC so dont be afraid that you are trespassing because you're not.

The Pinnacle

beware. there are rattle snakes

Bear Rocks

take a blue blazed trail to Bear Rocks. (its 1.4 miles south of Bake Oven Road.) 

I suggest hiking from Lehigh River South Bank to Port Clinton rail road bridge (thats 40.1 miles hiking South on the AT. see the guide book below)... so you would drive both vehicles to port clinton parking. park 1 vehicle there and then all hop in the other vehicle and drive to lehigh gap.

day 1- park the vehicles at lehigh river south bank. hike to George Outerbridge shelter [0.6 miles]

day 2- hike to New Tripoli Campsite (take blue blaze trail to Bear Rocks. its cool. Bear Rocks is 9.2 miles from the Outerbridge Shelter)   [10.9 miles]

day 3- hike to Eckville Shelter (the Eckville shelter is a shed behind a house. you have to get off the AT and hike downhill on a road. the house is the property of the Appalachian Trail. see picture on the left hand column) [13.3 miles]

day 4- hike to Windsor Furnace Shelter [*** eat lunch at the Pinnacle. The Pinnacle is 5.3 miles from Eckville Shelter ***] [9.1 miles]

day 5- hike to Port Clinton parking [6.2 miles]

Guide Book

 lehigh gap (Bear Rocks, Pinnacle)

Port Clinton

north of lehigh gap