IMPORTANT: August 25, 2010

    The location of practice has been moved to the Bolton Center
    School.  All the sports teams will be practicing there on Saturday because of
    issues with the building at the high school.  I do not expect this will be
    permanent issue, but we are going to have to be flexible this year.  Much of our
    XC course at the high school has been destroyed or is temporarily out of
    commission.  Coach Mishriky and I are figuring out ways to run around the
    construction.  We will make it work!  In the long run I think the construction
    will lead to us having more running routes at the high school.

    Remember you need physicals and parental permission forms to participate on
    Saturday.  Submit them to the nurse before Saturday.  Check the school website
    for exactly where you should submit them on Thursday or Friday.

    If you have kept a mileage log over the summer and want to be eligible for a
    Mileage Dawg tee-shirt, bring your log on Saturday.

    Practice is at 8 a.m.  We will gather on the north side of the Center School
    near the soccer and baseball fields.

    Spread the word about the location change since I do not have every athlete's
    email address.

    See you all on Saturday!