The 2015 dates are every WEDNESDAY from June 24th until August 5th. Races are held at the Bolton Heritage Farm, a.k.a. Rose Farm. We run a toddler race at 6pm which is 100M and is free to all entrants. We run a kids' race at 6:10pm which is 1 mile and costs $2, and we run an adult race at 6:30 which is 2.4 miles and costs $3. The maximum family charge (one household) for one night of racing is $10. Prizes are awarded at the end of the series.

2011 Bolton Summer XC Series

2010 Bolton Summer XC Series



We will run through all weather except for lightening.  Should a thunderstorm begin during a race, we will delay if possible, cancel if necessary.  We will NOT cancel for predicted thunderstorms since the predictions are often wrong.  Most likely, if you show up, we will be there to time you!  There will be no refunds due to weather.

Bolton Heritage "Rose" Farm

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If you have run the race this year or last year, you are in our system.  Otherwise, please pre-register using this link. You do NOT need to pay, just register - no obligation: