Frequently asked questions about

Bolton Male Voice Praise

What is the basic requirement to join the choir ?

The prime requirement is that you know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour and are willing to testify to that fact in both word and song.

Do I need to have a good singing voice ?

Not necessarily - a reasonable voice will do together with the ability to maintain a tune

How often do you practice ?

Usually once a week on a Friday evening, but if you only can come once every two weeks due to other commitments this would be acceptable


Where do you practice ?

We practice at Horwich Evangelical Church and Emmanuel Evangelical Mission Ringley using each venue on alternative months.  See Dairy Dates page for current location or contact us for details.

What time does the practice start ?

7.45pm we meet for a time of prayer commencing singing around 8.00pm. We finish at approx. 9.30pm with a cup of tea and a time of fellowship


What music do I need ?

We sing out of our own selection of music books and these can be provided at a reasonable cost

How often do you take engagements ?

We try to keep these to about one per month during any week day convenient to us all. We never take Sunday appointments due to personal commitments within our own churches

How far do you travel ?

Normally within the North West Area, but as we are part of The Festivals of Male Voice Praise, from time to time, we do venture to other parts of the country when invited.

How do you travel ?

Usually by car – members offering lifts to others to keep costs down.

How much does it cost to be a member ?

Nothing, but having said we ask each member to voluntary contribute £10 per year to cover costs – such as Stationery, postage, Insurance etc.

Do I need a uniform ?

We try as far a possible to all wear the same, a navy blazer, white shirt with choir tie and grey trousers. Or if this is not possible – a dark suit and white shirt.