Help Needed for Drinking Water Initiative

We all know how precious our drinking water is, and those who saw the movie “Tapped” know how unsustainable the ubiquitous use of bottled water is. Bolton Local would like to launch an educational initiative about drinking water, and we need your help! The people on the current planning board are already committed to other Bolton Local initiatives—we need more people to join in.

Here are some of the things a Drinking Water subgroup might do:

  • Work with other groups in town to make sure events in town have recycling containers available for plastic water/drink bottles. (Would probably involve coordinating with the DPW.)

  • Acquire reusable drink bottles with the Bolton Local logo and coordinate selling them at events, such as the Bolton Fair. Maybe also arrange to sell them to local businesses for resale, as an alternative to bottled water.

  • Possibly have a booth at the Bolton Fair selling drink bottles, maybe with a water station for people to refill their bottles; educational info. on display.

  • Whatever great ideas the group comes up with!

All the work needn’t fall just to the subgroup—there are lots of people who may be available to help. But we need a subgroup to spearhead this. Ideally, the chair of this subgroup would attend the monthly planning meetings. (Note: anyone and everyone is always welcome to attend the monthly planning meetings!)

If you’re interested in helping with this, contact Lynda King at l.king42@verizon.net .