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I just love the free paint program called Paint.NET and I do what I can to improve it. 

How to install Effects

Click on the links below to see some effects that I have created.  In many cases, the effect DLL is provided so that you can install these effect into your own computer for use in Paint.NET:



I developed a game that allows you to play dominoes against the computer (me) or one of your friends over the internet.  It is available on  In fact, it is the most downloaded Windows dominoe game at

Double-Six Dominoes

I am working on version 2.0.  It should be out real soon now.   It already has many updates over version 1.0.  I still need to test the multiplayer code (DONE), add voice (NOPE), increase the strength of computer play (DONE!), update help file (WIP).  Version 2.0 is currently in Beta testing and should be released in March, 2007 after the help file is done.


HTML Editing

Some time ago, I was teaching HTML to a bunch of students and had a hard time finding a decent HTML editor for them.  I wanted something better than Notepad, but not WYSIWYG (as my students would learn nothing from that!)  I couldn't find anything in my price range (free) so I developed it myself.  It is available on

BoltBait's HTML Editor

It is 64K in size (very small), it has a preview window, templates, HTML help window, menus, button bar, automatic tag completion, and more.  And, get this, it is written in HTML and client-side javascript!


My Artistic Side

I like to take photographs, draw, and write.  You can find some of my stuff on the following pages:

BoltBait's Deviant Art Page
BoltBait's Fiction Press Page
BoltBait on Bash


Where I Hang Out

You can usually find me at one of the following web sites:

Magic Online Trading League Forum
Paint.NET Discussion Forum

I also, sometimes, hangout on IRC at #motl or #motlreborn on efnet.


Final Thoughts

If you find something useful here, please let me know.  Thanks.


Updated: Sunday, January 27, 2008