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What is Bollywood?

Bollywood dance comes from the heart of the Indian film industry -- the largest film industry in the world.
This dance form is influenced not only by the classical Indian traditions and folk dancing from all the various regions of the Indian subcontinent; it also assimilates dances from all across the world. The Bombay film industry soaks in everything that it sees and synthesizes it into a unique fusion style dancing that has now become known all over the world over for its elaborate, energetic musical dance numbers. Now Bollywood dancing has grabbed hold of the American imagination.

In this class you will gain strength, flexibility and balance and learn choreography and performance skills that will enable you to not only shine in this dance form but will increase your proficiency in any dance style. Come and discover the exuberant, glamorous, and romantic moves that light up Indian cinema, and get a great workout for your body and your soul!

Angelica Scherp,
May 27, 2010, 6:26 PM