Dave Wainwright's 'programme'

“Following Pete and Dave’s emails I started to reminisce about the past and previous guests of the club, some of these may be before some of the younger members of the club.

Pete Abbott, now the lead singer with Other Roads first came to the club years ago with his mentor Ken Nichol as a floor singer and as I remember was very nervous

Tony Downes I first remember back in the late 70s playing as a duo with Mike Harding. This was at the Spinners Arms run by the Wood family.

Les Barker      Again I first saw him at the Spinner’s Arms with Mrs Ackroyd on stage with him (Mrs Ackroyd was a dog.)

The Amazing Mr Smith      Eccentric doesn’t quite EXPLAIN HIS ACT you do need to watch to believe what he is doing.

John Wright band         I remember a comment made in his obituaries “he had the ability when singing to an audience of 500 to make it sound as if he was singing to you alone”
The line up in this Youtube clip is not the one that came to the club, at that time it was Stuart Hardy and Kenny Spiers.

Martyn Wyndham-Read             When he turned up for his gig he had another well known performer (not booked) accompanying him.  Can anyone remember who this was?

Robin Laing        Maybe better known for his songs about Whisky but he also writes other songs amongst them “When she wears black clothes”

Oldham Tinkers          I am not sure  if they played at a folk club in Bollington but they did play at one of the earlier Bollington festivals.