Weather in Oruro

Weather at this moment in Oruro, Bolivia
The weather in Oruro, Bolivia

Oruro is located west of Bolivia, 180 Km. from the city of La Paz. Oruro has an average temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Oruro has a cold and dry climate, typical of a plateau, with occasional snowfalls.


It has a population of approximately 420,660 inhabitants is located at 12,172 feet above sea level. Oruro Carnival is famous worldwide (declared a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO) is one of the major tourist destinations in the department of Oruro.


Bolivia is located in the southern hemisphere and so the cold season (autumn and winter) go from May to September and the hot seasons (spring and summer) from October to April, it’s also considered the rainy season

Average Temperatures and rain precipitation in Oruro, month by month

The Seasons in Oruro, Bolivia


Spring weather in Oruro, Bolivia: Spring weather is somewhat fair, with some rains and occasional snowfalls. The spring season in Oruro goes from Sep 21st to Dec. 21St with an average High of 18 C (65.3 F) and an average Low of 0.3 C (32.3 F). 


Summer weather in Oruro, Bolivia: Summer weather is somewhat fair and rainy. The summer season in Oruro goes from December 21st to March 21St with an average High of 16 C (61.7 F) and an average Low of 2.7 C (36.7 F).  


Fall weather in Oruro, Bolivia: Fall weather is somewhat cold and a bit dry. The fall season in the Oruro goes from March 21st to June 21St with an average High of 16 C (61.3 F) and an average Low of -0.3 C (30.7 F).


Winter weather in Oruro, Bolivia: Winter weather is cold and dry, it’s considered the dry season. Winter season in the Oruro goes from June 21st to September 21St with an average High of 15.3 C (60 F) and an average Low of -5 C (22 F).


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Local time in Bolivia

Weather Facts of Oruro, Bolivia


  • Oruro has an average rain fall of 366.4 millimeters (14.44 inches) per year.
  • On average, the warmest month is November.
  • The average coolest month is July.
  • January is the average wettest month.

Current weather conditions and 3 day forecast for Oruro

Satellite view of the weather in Oruro (for the last 8 hrs.) 

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Best season to visit Oruro


The dry season is best time to travel to Oruro (from May to October) due to the better road conditions, generally sunny skies and warm temperatures during the day but really cold during the night.


Travel to most regions of Bolivia is certainly possible year round, but you have to have in mind that during the rainy season (December to March) normally some dirt roads become flooded and it could take sometime until tractors clear them.