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In no other place in the world you'll find the same geographical conditions, in witch, one day you can be teeing off at 3,400 meters above sea level at the highest golf course in the world, in the middle of the Andes. And the next day, you can find yourself playing in a golf course in the middle of the Amazon jungle, surrounded by amazing birds and nature.


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Golf Vacation in Bolivia

Are you planning your next vacation and Bolivia is on your list, with its beautiful landscapes and lush nature. We know you've already planned a visit to the majestic Andes, as well as a visit to the sacred lake of the Incas, Lake Titicaca; and of course you could not complete your visit without a visit to the Salar de Uyuni. So far so good, but you're not reading this article to know what you already knew, that is why we offer something different now, why not a round of golf on one of the great golf courses in Bolivia. Yes what about teeing off at 3.700 meters above sea level (about 12,000 feet). Sure you have not heard before this proposal, maybe is because most tourists visit Bolivia do the traditional and now we want to open your eyes to other sports and activities that will make your visit even better.
Yes Bolivia has golf courses and they’re in excellent condition for the game. Golf in Bolivia is not as popular as football (or soccer for Americans), but there are many golf enthusiasts who practice it regularly. There are courses like the one in Mallasilla on the outskirts of La Paz, is the highest golf course in the world, recently recommended by Golf Diggest as one of the best golf courses outside the U.S., many players say that thanks to altitude of La Paz the ball can travel more easily and more upright than in any other field in the world.
You can also play in any of the fields located in Cochabamba and Santa Cruz surrounded by the beautiful Amazon jungle. For more information about golf courses in Bolivia and its characteristics, we suggest you to use our site and we promise you'll not regret it.



If you want even more weather information on Bolivia, we suggest you to look at Bolivia Weather   it has the best information resource on this matter.


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The best Golf Courses in Bolivia

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